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CUBIT 5.0 Released
Posted Thu April 26, 2001 @04:36PM
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Grid Generation The latest version of CUBIT, a solid-modeler based mesh generator, has been released at Sandia.
Mesh generation algorithms include quadrilateral and triangular paving, 2d and 3d mapping, hex sweeping and multi-sweeping, tet meshing, and various special-purpose primitives. Our smoothing algorithms are state of the art and are incorporated into volume sweeping.

...we are making steady progress on reducing the time to mesh, making CUBIT the tool of choice, ensuring CUBIT algorithms and datastructures scale well to large (~100 million element) meshes...

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The Things You Can Do With 12.3 teraFLOPS
Posted Thu April 26, 2001 @03:53PM
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Application Using the world's fastest computer, researchers at ASCI are studying data visualization, casting processes, ocean climate and sea ice, reacting flows, automatic mesh generation, and shock-physics.

See the pretty pictures in

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Open Source CFD?
Posted Wed April 25, 2001 @08:42PM
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Open Source Given the fact that there are a number of free (although limited) CFD solvers available and a number of people who use them, is the time right for an open source CFD movement (a la linux)? Online development collaboration sites, such as SourceForge, provide distributed, voluntary developers with source code revision control systems, project management, and (a limited amount of) promotion.

The opponents of open source software often cite lack of support as the primary reason not to use open source software. However, as companies such as Red Hat, Suse, et. al. have proven, if there is a need someone will step in to fill it.

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Question: How does this site work?
Posted Wed April 25, 2001 @09:28AM
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CFD Review This site is based on Slashdot, which is to say that it is a web-based news group. The "stories" which you see here on the main page are really just discussion threads. They can be news, questions, or product reviews. That all depends on what the readers submit using the Submit Story link in the menu on the left. This is the most important part of using this site: if you have news, a question, or would like to start a discussion on a topic, then you have to send it in. The stories are sorted by topic (the icon on the right). This allows past stories to be easily searched. If you are interested in grid generation, go to that topic and you will see all of the posts for that topic.

Once a story is up on the main page, it becomes a discussion thread. To read the discussion comments (and add your own), follow the Read More... link for that story. The Read More... link brings you to the full text of the story (often only a small portion will be on the main page) and lets you read and post comments.

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CAD Integration and Automatic Meshing
Posted Tue April 24, 2001 @12:32PM
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News STAR-CD's Pro*am meshing tool uses a unique collection of hexahedral and "hybrid" cells to automatically generate a body fitted mesh.
The subsurface is used to cut a block of hexahedral cells, leaving all cells untouched by the cutting surface as perfect hexahedra, and producing a variety of cell types where the surface cuts the block.

... The meshes produced in this way tend to be of high quality and are very suitable for CFD – in general over 90% of the cells are perfect hexahedra with no distortion.

A cool idea, although it should be noted that the hexahedra will not be "flow aligned" and will, therefore, lose some of the accuracy that people usually associate with structured block grids. Read the full story.

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Octane2 Named Top Graphics Workstation
Posted Tue April 24, 2001 @12:14PM
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Hardware Even with their current financial troubles, SGI continues to produce the choice machine for graphics intensive applications.
The Silicon Graphics® Octane2TM visual workstation was awarded the top Platinum award in the graphics workstations category in the Platinum Awards 2001 from AV Video Multimedia Producer magazine
All of the AV Video Multimedia Producer magazine Platinum Awards can be seen here here.

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